ziggy ransom

Ziggy ransomware announces closure and refund of ransom

The administrator of the ransomware announced in early February that it would close the ransomware campaign and released an SQL file with 922 decryption keys on February 7. The victim can use these keys to unlock the file. On March 19, Ziggy’s administrator announced the refund of all ransoms.

’s administrator asked the victim to contact him through a specific email address ([email protected]) and use the ransomware computer ID proof to pay in Bitcoin. The money will be refunded to the victim in about two weeks Bitcoin wallet.

ziggy ransomware

Typically, ransomware victims obtain a ransom note, which contains instructions on how to contact cybercriminals to negotiate payment. Payment is negotiated in a legal way, but paid in Bitcoin.

ziggy ransomware

The administrator of the ransomware told the tech media that the refund will be calculated based on the value of bitcoin on the day of payment. In the past three months, the price of Bitcoin has been rising, and at the time of writing, its single price is close to 57,000 U.S. dollars.
When the ransomware decryption key was published, the price of Bitcoin was approximately $39,000. Five days before the administrator announced the refund of the money, Bitcoin soared above $61,000. The administrator makes a profit based on the current Bitcoin price.

The ransomware administrator told foreign media that they live in a “third world country” and their motivation for creating ransomware is economic. They confirmed to the media that the recent actions were due to concerns that law enforcement officials would take action. For example, recent activities disrupted larger operations such as Emotet and Netwalker ransomware, which had a great impact on the team’s decision.
The administrator also claimed that they must sell their houses to repay Ziggy ransomware victims, and they plan to become ransomware hunters after refunding the money.