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The “downstream” of the candid camera industry chain, who is “paying” for the candid video?

Downstream Camera

The formation of the candid camera industry, on the one hand, is for the sneaky photographers in order to satisfy their own voyeuristic psychology, on the other hand, the criminals use the sneaky video to make huge profits. Regarding the video resources obtained in the form of sneak shots, how did the criminals sell them for cash? Judging from the information that has been obtained, it mainly disseminates secretly filmed videos through channels such as erotic video selfie sites, movie sellers, and account parties .

Sell ​​through erotic video selfie sites
After the sneaky photographer uploads the sneaked video to the erotic video selfie site, they share the video revenue with the website platform; there are also sneaky photographers uploading videos with social accounts, using the high traffic characteristics of the erotic video selfie site to attract viewers to add social in the video Account, conduct secondary drainage, realize the sale of prostitution and pornographic video. Due to the win-win method of this platform and the sneak shots, it has subverted the profit model of the traditional pornographic website’s advertising waterfall flow. Therefore, many websites and sneak shots that focus on sneak shots and sharing have been born.

Erotic website source code sale site

In order to avoid the crackdown on such illegal websites by law enforcement agencies, criminals use some erotic website source codes to quickly build a variety of erotic video selfie websites, use domain flood prevention methods and hidden keywords to security detection and spread erotic selfie websites.

Selling party
Video acquisition

Video sellers that sell videos on the one hand obtain a large number of secretly filmed videos by means of secret shooting, and on the other hand, they use crawlers to capture various sources of secretly filmed videos from various erotic selfie websites and secret filming forums.

Technical processing

After collecting various candid videos, classify the videos , add watermarks, and generate encrypted compression packages :

l Video watermarking mainly includes the producer’s own social account or gaming platform website. On the one hand, it attracts more buyers, and on the other hand, it helps the gaming platform to attract traffic and obtain traffic revenue sharing.

l Generate encrypted compression package, mainly to prevent the video from being identified as pornographic and blocked during the process of spreading through social software, network cloud disk, and download software.

Profit realization
After the video production is completed, upload the video to the revenue sharing online disk platform for traffic revenue sharing. The more users download, the more visitors to the online disk page, the more traffic revenues will be obtained.

It will also be uploaded to “well-known” erotic forums, and after the forums are transferred, more buyers will be attracted to pay for the video, or through the use of color powder and other diversion techniques to sell through mainstream social channels.

Due to the large toner flow and large amounts of data, an industry that uses toner data for fraud has emerged. For example, video naked chat blackmail scams, scam gangs get in touch with the victim through toner drainage, induce the victim to have a naked video chat, and record the naked chat screen of the victim before committing blackmail.

Measures to deal with the sneak shot industry
l Cracking down on the production of illegal shooting equipment can raise the threshold for the sneak shooting industry to a certain extent and curb the development of the sneak shooting industry. Through the communication channels of the Internet, reduce and reduce the promotion channels of such products.

l Police-enterprise cooperation, with the help of Internet security big data, through technical identification to timely block all kinds of illegal videos. Reduce the influence of pornographic resources and increase the difficulty and cost of the transmission of pornographic resources.

l With the help of technology , the 360 ​​Mobile Guardian anti-sneak camera monitoring function can effectively identify whether there are common types of suspicious camera equipment connected to the current Wi-Fi by analyzing the connection characteristics and communication methods of the networked cameras.

l Safety protection awareness, for areas prone to be photographed in hotels, rented houses, etc., improve safety protection awareness, and collect evidence and report to the police when problems are found.